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Dome cameras

Dome security CCTV surveillance cameras are named for their dome like shape. They are also called “Turret” cameras.

Dome cameras can be used literary everywhere. This type camera has night vision (IR) and in most cases is vandal proof. It is good idea to use such camera when it has to be mounted near arms reach. Due to the shape of the camera itself it is harder for the intruder to hit or change the direction of the camera.

Dome cameras are commonly used in Surveillance Systems inside of residential, Retail Stores, and Restaurants. Another reason for buying turret camera is for its dome shape. Because of it it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a turret camera is actually aiming. Dome cameras are either ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket depending on the application and the field of view required. The camera unit is mounted inside a transparent dome which can be tinted to obscure the camera position.

When shopping for Dome Camera, you should consider the distance of the night vision you`d like to cover and decide which IR range is suitable for your needs. If the area that you are installing your camera is susceptible to vandalism or tampering, you should consider installing vandalproof dome camera. Housings are available for weather or vandal resistance or for use in hazardous (explosion risk) environments.

Last but not least is the type of lens you have to choose. There are, technically speaking, two types – fixed and varifocal. Fixed lens means that you can not adjust the zoom and the focus after mounting the camera. On the other hand varifocal dome camera gives you the flexibility to adjust the focal distance of the camera lens to exactly where you need it.

Why to buy from us?

Hikvision and Dahua are without a doubt the largest, most innovative and best choice when it comes to home security. Their Research and development alone outstrip every other competitor in the market place . This ensures that Hikvision and Dahua remain at the forefront of the home and commercial security markets worldwide.

Our company is official dealer of Dahua`s and Hikvision`s products. Both companies are well known leaders on the market worldwide. The cameras, DVRs and the CCTV equipment you will find at our store is for the EU market which means that they`ve got the latest firmware versions available at the moment of their import.

What about the warranty?

As Hikvision`s and Dahua`s reseller we work only with the authorized by the brands services. That means fast repair by trained specialists. What about the prices? We do our best to offer best possible prices on the market for our customers. What about delivery? We deliver europewide and we offer two types of delivery – standart and DHL Express. Depending on the EU Zone the standart delivery time is between 5 and 8 business days. The DHL Express shipping is up to 2 business days including the processing time. For our customers we`ve managed to negotiate one of the best possible prices for DHL Express service. MB Vision Ltd offers combinations of all of the above mentioned types of Dome Cameras.

If you need help deciding which is best for you, please do not hesitate email us for assistance at cctv.mbvision [@]

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