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CCTV cables

What kind of cable is used for security cameras?

The short answer is “It depends on the type of cameras.” Basically there are two main types: RG59 (coax) and FTP. If you are planning on installing Turbo HD, HD-CVI or analog (CVBS) cameras then the easiest cable to use is RG59 coax. With that type you`ll need BNC connestors in order to connect you cameras. Here is the time to say that you can use UTP cable for the same purpose. If so you`ll need video baluns.

What is the difference?

It depends on how you`d like to install your cameras, which will be the easier way to do it.

What about the FTP cable?

This type of cable we use when installing IP cameras and planning IP based security system.

What about the distances?

You can use RG59+2*0.5 power line for distances up to 60-70m. After that you should consider using 24V power supply combined with DC-DC convertor installed at camera`s end instead of 12V. But if we`re talking about coax then you can use it with Turbo HD and HD-CVI cameras for distances up to 300m. When the security system is IP based and the cable is FTP the most commonly asked question is “How far can we run PoE cameras?”. Well, the answer is up to 100m from the PoE switch, regardless of where the power is injected. The limitation is not the power; it's the Ethernet cabling standards that limit the total length of cabling to 100 meters.

Why to buy from

Because the quality for us extremely important. We can`t afford to sell anything but the best to our clients.

What about the prices at

We do our best to offer best possible prices on the market for our customers. What about delivery? We deliver europewide and we offer two types of delivery – standart and DHL Express. Depending on the EU Zone the standart delivery time is between 5 and 8 business days. The DHL Express shipping is up to 2 business days including the processing time. For our customers we`ve managed to negotiate one of the best possible prices for DHL Express service. MB Vision Ltd offers combinations of all of the above mentioned types accessories. If you need help deciding which is best for you, please do not hesitate email us for assistance at cctv.mbvision [@] or contact our supper via online chat system we have.

Model: RG59_2x0.75
The RG59+2x0.75 Cable is widely used with analog and hd-tvi surveillance cameras, as it transmits both the video signal and the direct current to the camera. Using this cable you will get quality video image up to 80m for analog cameras and 200m for HD-TVI security cameras. Specification: CОNDUCTO..
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