This year Dahua Technology, introduced the smart thermal camera series to provide superior image quality and advanced features for perimeter, electric industry, manufacture security applications. The camera series is designed to find heat sources, able to offer highly detailed images and an extensive feature set.

In the new Dahua`s series there is hybrid thermal PTZ network camera, hybrid speed dome, thermal bullet and thermal dome cameras. The improved thermal sensor allows detection of the tiniest temperature differences. The thermal security cameras from Dahua can precisely determine the object temperature, detect water leak behind wall or a hidden person. All this even on small and fast moving objects. The new models from Dahua`s smart thermal series are able to identify passangers with higher body temperature, passing through checkpoints, airports or bus stations.

One of the most interesting models from the new series is Dahua`s thermal hybrid network PTZ camera which is a professional combination of a visual camera with integrated max 40x optical zoom lens and a thermal camera, perfectly synchronized in pan and tilt movements.

The network camera can capture images in full scale without the need to step back or frame the shot. The thermal camera is for whether night-vision missions or precise thermographic surveys.

The special lens focuses the infrared light emitted by all of the objects in view. It can deliver several independent H.264 streams for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints simultaneously.