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26 Mar What are the advantages of Hikvision AcuSense technology?
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In real world protection scenarios such as items stolen from your car in a parking lot for example, property owners or law enforcement will have to play back the recorded surveillance video frame by frame. They will have to check the footage which ..
20 Mar Installing A Security Camera: Where, How Many, And Why?
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It’s never too early to start making your home burglar-proof and safe. Whether you’re going away for a trip or you simply want to take extra precautions into keeping you and your family safe, getting a security camera installed in your home is a smar..
19 Mar How to connect Hikvision`s device with Hik-connect?
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A few years ago one of the problems connecting your CCTV system for online monitoring was the need of static IP address.Nowadays the leaders on the market provide the customers with easy solution of this. In this article will explain in brief how to ..
07 Aug What is Hikvision SADP tool and how to use it?
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SADP stands for Search Active Devices Protocol.Hikvision`s SADP tool is one of the basic tools you can use to set up your devices on your network. Basically the app scans your network and looks for devices by their MAC address. After finding them it ..
16 Dec Step-by-step guide: How to reset password of Hikvision DVR / NVR?
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Most of the users use standard passwords for their devices such as “admin” or as it is the case with Hikvision products “12345”. That made pretty easy for the hackers to access the device and lock it down.A year ago Hikvision updated the firmware and..
10 Nov How to install HDD into DVR - Video tutorial and easy step-by-step guide
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1. First you have to remove the top cover of the dvr. In order to that remove the mounting screws. They are the ones that hold the top cover. You will find them on the bottom side of DVR`s case. Usually there are 4-6 (depending on the model) mounting..
05 Oct Review of Dahua HD Camera with 1.4MP Resolution, Motorized Lens and IR to 30 m
CCTV Spot 0 4859
HD cameras could recently be found on the market for video surveillance at prices rather higher than analoguemodels. It continued to themoment when your choice was limited between analogue and IP equipment. Dahuahaspresented HD-CVI technology 2 years..
12 Aug Review of Panoramic 360-degree IP Camera Dahua IPC-EB5400
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We often get inquiries from our customers, who seeking solution for video surveillance in the room. Their desire is providing maximum visibility in the observation room, to have online access to cameras and all of this to have fair price and minimum ..
04 Jun IP Cameras with Analytic Functions
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Our customers have often  looked for a good decision for a surveillance camera that can deal with monitoring and analysis of different situations in the observed object. Such solutions for video surveillance and appropriate security cameras you can d..
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