HD cameras could recently be found on the market for video surveillance at prices rather higher than analoguemodels. It continued to themoment when your choice was limited between analogue and IP equipment. Dahuahaspresented HD-CVI technology 2 years ago and as a result it has definitely changedthe market.

In this review we will focus on Dahua HD-CVI camera for outdoor installation , with 1.4 MP resolution and its motorized lens.

Keyfeatures of 1.4 megapixel Dahua HDCVI HAC-HFW2120RP-Z external camera:

  • 1.4 megapixel Gen II HD-CVI waterproof camera
  •  Day & Night
  • 1 / 2.8 "CMOS Exmor sensor
  • 1305x1049 effective pixels
  • 25 fps / sec at 1080p, 50kad / sec., At 720p
  • motorized lens 2.7-12mm
  • intelligent infrared illumination to 30 m
  • IR cut filter
  • 0.01 Lux in color mode
  • 0 Lux (IR on)
  • adjustment of lens and OSD coaxial cable
  • 3D-DNR
  • BLC
  • AES
  • AGC
  •  External installation
  • IP66 from the -30S to + 60C
  • 12VDC, 7.5W

The camera has a body type "bullet", which makes it easy and convenient for installation in different situations – on a façade, walls, under visors. The camera’s focusing is easy on three axes as the setting isregulated by small screws in the base of the housing.

While we make comment on the housing, we should note that the camera is certified with standard IP67. It means the camera is moisture, dust and shock resistant due to the metal housing that protects it from various environmental influences.

Dahua HAC-HFW2120RP-Z camera with infrared LEDs allows to take pictures in night mode, even in total darkness, at distances up to 30m. When you have extra lighting, this distance could be certainly more.

Dahua HD cameras with varifocal lens.

Motorized lensWe have repeatedly stopped on the advantages of this type of lenses and don’t want to repeat. We will only say that this verifocal lens makes the camera suitable and applicable to different types of surveillance systems. It includes objects where the installer needs to have more control over the picture using zoom and focus adjustment.

Dahua HAC-HFW2120RP-Z camera differs from other varifocal cameras with its motorized lens. This fact left in convenience of setting the surveillance zone and the difficulties to "hit" the focus of the picture with aim to get the best from the camera somewhere in the past. Do not comment  that you need to go to the recorder and check the pictureafter any adjustment of the focus and the zoom. It’s not the most comfortable and efficient when you stay on a ladder which is three meters high from the ground, is it?

Well, all of this would be forgotten with our motorized varifocal lens. You have control of the focus and zoom’s setting through the DVR recorder’s menu. It means that you should only adjust the level of zoom. The camera has autofocus, and as you can see from demo videos,the focus adjusts itself to the level of zoom at the moment when you stopto zoom.

Dahua HAC-HFW2120R-PZcameraworks great in different levelsof light(please, see demo videos). The picture’s quality is very good botha daily mode and at dusk, and at night with extremely low light levels, too.

The camera allows you to set different profiles of work. Whatis the advantageof this? Let’s suppose that you install the camera, but the image is too bright. You can make additional settingsof brightnessand use one of the various modes such as WDR. All of this would be saved in a separate profile,i.e. "Day mode". The separate profile gives the opportunity tomake different settings for thedark part of the night. After that it remains only to create schedule  in which the camera will switch from one profile to another and the camerawill follow it.

Let’s look examples of the difference inthe picture with WDR mode switched off:

and WDR mode switched on:

In conclusion we can say the following things about Dahua HAC-HFW2120R-PZcamera:

The camera give you exceptional freedom of settings, picture quality, freedom of zoom control due to motorized lens and its price is below 100 euro. The Dahua camera’s autofocus, you can take pictures with excellent quality.

Dahua HAC-HFW2120RP-Z surveillance camera could be represented equally well in both day and night mode in low light levels.