We often get inquiries from our customers, who seeking solution for video surveillance in the room. Their desire is providing maximum visibility in the observation room, to have online access to cameras and all of this to have fair price and minimum number of installed cameras. As usual, the simplest solution in this case is the correctone. Namely - panoramic camerafor video surveillance.

Inexplicably, but this decision is often missed or deliberately ignored. What are the panoramic cameras? 

This is a camera that has an angle of shooting of 180 degrees or more. Manufacturers often offer technical solutions with models in 360-degree angle shooting. We will look at just such a model in this review.

Dahua IPC-EB5400 camera for video surveillance is a panoramic camera with angle of shooting 360 degrees.

Let’s look in brief technical parameters of the model:

• 4 Megapixel Vandalproof Dome Fish-Eye IP camera
• 1/3 "progressive scan CMOS sensor Day/Night
• 0.01 Lux in color mode 0.001 Lux in monochrome
• lens type fish-eye 1.18 mm viewing angle 180 '
• built-in Web server
• H.264
• 15 fps/sec at 2592x1520, 25 fps/sec at 2048 x 1520
• built-in microphone 1 audio input and 1 audio output
• 1 alarm inputs 1 alarm output
• slot for MicroSD 64GB
• free software to record 32 cameras monitoring through mob. Tel. (IPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone)
• Onvif
• for indoormounting
• IK 10
• PoE
• 12VDC, 6W

Dahua IPC-EB5400 is a camera with 4 mega pixel resolution. Possibility of recording is at resolution of Full HD, which ensures high quality and detail of the picture. Maximum resolution is 2592 × 1520, in which mode the camera shoots at 15 fps. Camera lens is 1.18mm and it provides a 360-degree view of the observed object.

Dahua IPC-EB5400 has audio input that allows the camera to be mounted a microphone and the sound to be transferred by FTP/UTP cable, which is connected to the camera.

Regarding to the power, you can choose whether to use standard power adapter for 12V or versions with PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter. Undoubtedly, the second one is more convenient for installation, but everyone has a choice in the matter.

Dahua IPC-EB5400 has a memory card slot and maximum allowable capacity is up to 64GB. Our opinion is that a memory card slot is a good feature if used as a backup option for storage of records, but not the major one.

The reasons are several:

·         Limit volume for storage of records as time

·          Vulnerability - if the camera gets stolen, then the records will be lost with it

Dahua IPC-EB5400 could be connected by LAN and record what is happening or PC/laptop or NVR (Network Video Recorder).

!!! It is important to know !!!

When you choose IP video surveillance camera and want to use NVR, it is compulsory (highly recommended) to take camera and recorder from one supplier! So ensure you get full compatibility between the two devices. When combining cameras from different manufacturers into a video surveillance system with different recorder, there is a real risk and you can not use the full functionality of cameras and/or recorder, and even not to work together inthe system!

Interesting and important part of the capabilities of Dahua IPC-EB5400 lies not so much in the hardware and parameters, but in the software. Once connected to the network to access of the camera Dahua IPC-EB5400, you can use Dahua software - gDDMS (you will find a download link in each product Dahua in our shop).

Through the Dahua software for video surveillance, you can make all necessary settings of Dahua IPC-EB5400 like resolution, schedule recording, recording mode (constant, in motion, schedule). It is important to note that Dahua IPC-EB5400 offers 2 main modes settings - day and night. So you have complete freedom to set the camera as precisely as possible to the situation in the assembly, observed space and according your needs.

Software offers three main options for adjustment of the plane of installation. To properly oriented picture , you should choose corresponding one of them to yours. Once selected the correct position, where the camera is mounted, you can choose how to be visualized the observed area.

This is one of the main advantages of the panoramic (Fish-Eye) video surveillance camera. Thanks to 360-degree visualization Dahua IPC-EB5400 can work as a 2 180-degree cameras, 4 pieces of 90-degree or even 8 cameras. The surveillance zone is completely under your control, as you can see from the demo video done with the camera.

In conclusion we can say that Dahua IPC-EB5400 is a camera applicable in wide range of objects. From offices with multiple working places, atrium or hotel lobby to retail outlets. 

The model of Dahua IPC-EB5400 has a price of 200 euros and it is among the cheapest Fish-eye cameras that could be found on the market. Possibilities for settings and additional precision only add value to the capabilities of the camera. Last but not least, you save money with a camera as Dahua IPC-EB5400, due to its ability to replace up to 8 cameras, therefore you achieve optimization of the investment made in a video surveillance system.