Our customers have often  looked for a good decision for a surveillance camera that can deal with monitoring and analysis of different situations in the observed object. Such solutions for video surveillance and appropriate security cameras you can discover in our online store www.cctvspot.co.uk, especially in the category of IP CCTV technology. In this article, as a part of MB VISION,we decided to give more detailed information of what network cameras with analytic functions mean, what they could be and a few examples of their application in the field of video surveillance.

Analysis’ functions and analysis with IP security cameras are usually associated with an analysis of video streams, captured by IP-based video surveillance systems. Applications for video analytics can perform a variety of tasks, such as opening events in realtime, as well as immediate visualization of records and data from made video recording.

Analysis’ functions and analysis in network-based video surveillance systems haven’t been something new and they have been used over twenty years. During this time, however, these functions and cameras have advanced greatly and as a result some features and algorithms are built today directly into the IP security cameras! This fact saves a lot of money, processing time for analysis and a storage of network recorders, because IP cameras react and record only in case of found results for analysis, due to the camera presettings.

            What might be analysis’ functions for IP cameras?

Intruder Detection: This function enables an analysis and identification  of human behavior, after that it gives signal for possible malicious actions.

Cross Line Detection: This option allows to analyze objects which cross a virtual line objects. Cross Line Detection is a great application for video surveillance of parking places or places with limited access (attempts to jump fences) and others.

Camera Tampering Detection: Imagine the following situation: an offender who hides the view of a security camera with a not transparent sheet, sprinkles the lens with a spray and move the security camera in another direction? IP cameras can detect this as a violation event and will send us an alarm notification.

License Plate Recognition: IP cameras could detect and record the cars’ plates or other signifying stickers (such as vignettes). This option allows number recording of moving vehicles. Similar systems for automatic recording and verification of registration numbers (ANPR - Automatic number plate recognition) are used by police authorities in many countries.

Video Motion Detection: This option allows control of moving objects in a small area of ​​interest in the surveillance. The application is very usable for areas with little traffic, for example, office corridors, parking lots and shops under surveillance in the wee hours of the night.

People Counting: can track the number of people, vehicles and other objects that moving in a certain direction. This application could be used in a variety of surveillance systems - supermarkets, airports, train stations, museums and any other objects. The function is applicable for analyzing flows of people, making statistics and overall optimization of working processes.

Facial Recognition: or persons’ identification – the IP surveillance system is able to recognize if the person exists already in the database. It has application in systems for access control or detection of individuals at a point location.

Object Tracking:  this option enables automatic tracking and zooming the image of a selected object by using a motorized security cameras. As an example we can see a vehicle entering in the underground parking, can zoom and track its movement.

Zone Movement: you can define several sub-zones in frames with network cameras and can control any movement in or nearby them. The system is suitable for protection of non-stop shops and places, where very expensive and valuable items are shown. The system could send a notice to the guards or can alert people staying very close to the guarded object.