Most of you already know what is HD-CVI and what are the benefits from the tehnology. If you`ve missed our article you can find it here:

Most of Dahua`s HD-CVI cameras have OSD menu (On Screen Display) and it allows us to make some aditional setup of the security camera. The good news is that the OSD can be accessed through the DVR which makes it easy task.

Here is step-by-step how it is made:

1. First you have to login as an administrator of the device, which means using Admin as username

2. Enter your password
3. After that the menu should appear. Click on "Setting"
4. Click PTZ menu
5. Select the security camera you would like to access the OSD menu to.
6. Control Mode HDCVI must be selected
7. Protocol type must be DH-SD1. If "None"- change it!
8. Click on save to save all the settings
9. Now go back to the main menu by clicking back button
10. If you`ve followed the instructions now you are again on the main screen
11. Right-click with the mouse and a menu option should appear

12. Click on Pan/Tilt/Zoom menu from the listed options
13. Click on "Page Switch" until to switch modes
14. To enter camera`s OSD menu click on "Enter menu"

15. When the OSD menu comes up you can navigate trough it using up/down/left/right arrows. Note that sume of the menus have sub-menu which you also can enter

16. When done configuring the options go down to exit and click on the enter button. This will take out of the camera OSD menu.