SADP stands for Search Active Devices Protocol.

Hikvision`s SADP tool is one of the basic tools you can use to set up your devices on your network. Basically the app scans your network and looks for devices by their MAC address. After finding them it shows them in a table where you can configure them by selecting the device you`d like to work with.

SADP tool allows you to see a lot of useful information about your Hikvision`s devices connected to your LAN such as firmware version, IP address, SN ect.

Using SADP tool you can change or set up password, reset it or configure Hikvision`s device IP address. If you need to reset the password for a Hikvision  device which does not have a physical reset button, then you will need to use SADP's 'forgot password' feature to export a file which you send to your supplier. They will in turn send this to Hikvision Technical Support and obtain a password reset file for you to import via SADP. Please note that when doing this - your device must remain powered-on from start to completion (the device's powered-on time is used as part of the security checks when resetting passwords).

As we`ve mentioned at the beginning SADP tool is one of the basic Hikvision`s so you must have in mind that you can`t use it for monitoring your cameras or CCTV system.

For the latest version of SADP tool please check download section here